Pepper Box Inn, Ulcombe, Maidstone

A little history...

Jack & Betty Wood first came to the Pepperbox back in 1958, then the Inn was still known as the Horseshoes and the name 'Pepperbox' (which refers to an early type of pistol) was a local nickname, the name was officially changed by Jack during the 1960's. Records show that not long before the pub had also been the village shop including bake house & butchery, some of the butchers hooks still hang from the beams in the main bar. 

 The Wood family established an Inn with a reputation for good food, good beer and a warm welcome (plus many late night drinking sessions & games of liar dice if the rumours are to be believed)

The Inn has had a few changes in its time,  with an extended dining area and larger kitchen, but the overall charm and warmth remains the same as it always was, with the main bar still characterised by the large inglenook fire and the hops that hang over the many tankards of the pubs regulars.