3.7 %

Master Brew is brewed using only the finest Kentish barley and hops and is Shepherd Neame's flagship beer in the brewery's Kentish heartland.  
The "Local Hero" is a distinctive, mid-brown bitter ale, with all the hoppy aroma you would expect of a beer brewed in the heart of the hop country.

Delicate and devilishly drinkable, this quintessentially Kentish ale lays the county's hallowed, herbaceous hops on a firm, biscuity bed of pale and crystal malt. Endowed with an inviting auburn-amber hue and a tantalising toffee-ish aroma.

Late Red (from September to end of November)


Expert brewers have hand-crafted this complex and richly flavoured premium ale from the finest Kentish hops, barley and mineral water, forging a perfect balance between rich, dark malt flavours and a strong robust hoppiness.

The finest pale ale malt and gently-kilned crystal malt is brewed with Cascade and East Kent Goldings to create a hoppy flavour, double enhanced with the late copper addition of East Kent Goldings and Cascades added to the cask for racking.

Plum, prunes, raisins, a touch of toffee and tropical fruit are just of the flavour flourishing beneath the crimson-copper coloured cloak of this eminently easy-drinking ale. A peppery, resinous hop finish - courtesy of Kent-grown Cascade hops - adds a spice to the nutty sweetness



Whitstable Bay

Whitstable Bay Pale Ale is designed to suit all palettes and offer a light, refreshing taste

The sweet maltiness balances perfectly with the fresh pine notes provided by the hops added late in the process, to offer a light-coloured, thirst-quenching ale.

A full bodied, fruity ale with a subtle bitterness and glorious grapefruit and pine aromas.

Draught: 3.9%


This 4.2% Kentish ale was first brewed in 1990 to celebrate the Battle of Britain which was fought in the skies above Kent 50 years earlier. The beer is names after the legendary Spitfire aeroplane designed by RJ Mitchell.

An infusion of three Kentish hops adorns this beautifully balanced, blood-orange tinted British bitter with an acutely aromatic allure.

Hints of marmalade, red grapes and pepper are thrust from a springboard of warm, mellow malts.



Clean and crisp with a restrained bitterness and a subtle citrus aroma, this light golden beer was Japan's first "dry" lager. Its deft, distinct dryness comes from a carefully concise fermentation period, a minimum four week maturation period and the traditional addition of a small amount of rice.

Whitstable Bay Blonde Lager is a contemporary lager featuring an intricate taste profile, distinguished by its unique hop character. Gaining its name from the golden hue of the beer, it offers an enhanced drinking experience through the floral aroma, paired with buttery biscuit base notes, while avoiding the bitter aftertaste common with hoppy beers.

A pale, refreshing lager with spicy overtones perfectly balanced by the scent of fresh flowers